Stephen Hal Fishman is an Austin-based video artist, designer and performer creating experimental animated films, music videos, print media, interactive installations and live visual accompaniment for music and dance under the moniker Fresh Fuckerman and Mac&Cheez. He also comprises the visual component of the multi-disciplinary performance group, Total Unicorn. His work focuses on the intersection of art and technology. The emphasis of his video and poster work is a synthesis of humor, cultural subversion, and vivid imagery.

Stephen was born in New York City but raised in Central California and received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California Cinema-Television program in 1995. He worked for over fifteen years as a broadcast designer and animator, creating countless commercials and promos, TV and film opening sequences, all for a variety of corporate, entertainment and non-profit clients in Los Angeles and Austin. His long-term exposure to the advertising industry gives him an informed critical perspective on the manufacture of popular culture, for better or worse.

In order to purge himself of these influences, Stephen helps to curate the animated material for the Austin Museum of Digital Art’s Showcase Series. His passion as an amateur curator led him to create the Y.EAST series of electronic and synthesized music performances during the East Austin Studio Tour in 2010 and the Eye Disco during SXSW 2013 and helped to produce the New Media Art and Sound Summit with Church of the Friendly Ghost in 2014.. Currently, Stephen is co-producing and curating events for the 2016 season for the Austin Museum of Digital Art.
Stephen’s work has been shown in galleries and performance venues throughout Texas. His films have been shown in festivals all over the U.S. and Europe. He is currently working on new films, interactive pieces and performances for 2016 and beyond.