1991-1995 University of Southern California, Bachelor of Arts Cinema-Television Production

Work Experience:

2013-present Austin Community College, Visual Communication Dept.-adjunct professor
2004-present Freelance Designer/Animator/Graphic Designer and Art Director
2002-2004 Permalance Designer/Animator-KCBS/KCAL-Los Angeles
1999-2002 Freelance Designer/Animator
1995-1999 In-house Designer/Animator-MWP Editorial

Professional Awards:

1) 2004 Promax Gold KCAL “The Court Block” concept/design/animation
2) 2004 L.A. Local Emmy “Anaheim Angels Game Open” design/animation
3) 2005 BDA Gold KCAL “Lakermen” animation
4) 2005 L.A. Local Emmy “Lakermen” art director
5) 2006 L.A. Local Emmy “L.A. Sports Awards Open’ art director
6) 2007 Lone Star Regional Emmy “State of Tomorrow” design/animation
7) 2010 BDA Gold HBO 25th Annual Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Anniversary Concert Promo co-designer
8) 2011 Telly Awards-Bronze-Wolfson Children’s Hospital “Ben’s Story”

Short Films/Music Videos:

1) Li’l Cap’n Travis ‘Get Wise To Yourself’<official> (2007)-writer, director, animator, compositor, videographer, editor
2) ’Castro Sleeper Cell’ (2007) writer, director, animator
3) ’United World Friendship’ (2008) co-writer, co-director, animator, videographer
4) ’Nanosporin A.I.’ (2009) co-writer, co-director, animator, designer, editor
5) ’The Protocols of the Protocorns’ (2011) writer, director, animator, designer, editor
6) Candi & The Strangers ‘Tetsu’ <official> (2011) director, designer, animator, editor
7) Total Unicorn ‘Laser Beans’ <official> (2011) director, designer, animator, editor
8) Teleportal Readings: Leo Felipe Campos’s Marlboro Lights (2011) director, illustrator, animator, compositor, editor
9) Wild Beasts ‘Catherine Wheel’ <unofficial> (2011) videographer, animator, compositor, editor
10) Wild Beasts ‘Bed of Nails’ music video <unofficial> (2011) videographer, animator, compositor, editor
11) Os Ovni ‘A Lil in the Moon’ music video <official> (2012) director, animator, compositor, editor
12) Sister Fishman ‘Ghost Boner’ <official> (2012/TBA) director, animator, compositor, editor, musician
13) My Education ‘Homunculus’ <official> (2012) director, videographer, compositor, editor
14) Total Unicorn ‘Mini Knee’ <official> (2013) director, compositor, animator, editor
15) ’0x0’ (2013) director, animator, composer
16) ‘The Landing’ (2015) director, animator
17) Wonderbitch ‘Beingness’ <official> (2015) director, animator

Film Festivals:

1) Get Wise To Yourself-Boston Underground Film Festival (2009)
2) Get Wise To Yourself-Lumen Eclipe- Boston (2010)
3) Nanosporin A.I.-AMODA SXSW Showcase (2009)
4) Nanosporin A.I.-EMPSFM Sci-fi Film Festival Seattle (2010)
5) Nanosporin A.I.- Boston Underground Film Festival (2010)
6) Nanosporin A.I.-Citrus Cel Animation Festival Florida (2010)
7) The Protocols of the Protocorns-Visual Art Center, UT Austin, short film showcase (2011)
8) Total Unicorn ‘Mini-Knee’ Texas Underground Tour-Various cities across France (2013)
9) 0x0-special Texas artist showcase-Le Usine, Geneva, Switzerland (2014)
10) Total Unicorn ‘Mini-Knee’ FILE festival Sao Paulo, Brazil (2015)
11) Total Unicorn ‘Mini Knee’, Wonderbitch ‘Beingness’ and Fresh Fuckerman’s ‘0x0’ at the Austin MusicVideo Festival (2015)
12) 0x0-Chrysalis Lens Program at Loyola/Marymount University


1) Live visual sets for Pong, Ume, Candi & The Strangers, Sixteen Deluxe, Elevated Lines, Matthew Dear, Bear in Heaven, Ed Hall, Artifical Earth Machine, Silver Apples, Flcon Fcker, Skullcaster, David Liebe Hart, others (2009-present)
2) Co-performer and co-animator for Spectrosonique show at the Frenetic Theatre-Houston, TX (2011)
3) Member of audiovisual combo Total Unicorn-US and Europe (2010-present)
4) Live anaglyphic 3D video for Lindsey Taylor’s solo dance performance, part of the Solo Show at Co-Lab Austin (2011)
5) Live animated visuals for Sheep Army ‘Caterpillar’, part of Big Range Dance Festival Austin (2011)
6) Live visuals for Austin Museum of Art SXSW Laptop Battle (2011)
7) Live visuals for Fusebox Festival presentation of ‘So We Got That Thing Going for Us’ (2012)
8) Environmental projections for Christeene Halloween Bash (2012-2014)
9) Live stereoscopic visual piece for the Phantom Boner Show as Sister Fishman (2012)
10) Total Unicorn Process Powerpoint at Pecha Kucha, Scottish Rite Temple, Austin (2012)
11) Live projection-mapped visual performance with MiFTB at the Eye Disco, SXSW (2013)
12) Live visual sets for Ed Hall (2013-14)
13) Animated film created for Lindsey Taylor’s ‘The Planets’ dance performance (2014)
14) Live projected set for Justin Sherburn’s ‘Return of Draw Egan’ performance (2015)
15) Total Unicorn at CODAME festival Oakland, CA (2015)
16) Total Unicorn-official performer- SXSW (2012-2016)
17) Total Unicorn at Pecan Street Festival (2015)
18) Total Unicorn at Outsider Fest (2015)
19) Total Unicorn at CIMM Fest (2016)
20) Video projections created for Sew Wasted performance, Fusebox Festival (2016)


1) ‘Feeder Castle’ -small format digitally-printed zine, Monofonus Press (2014)
2) ‘Proto Pack’-collectible stickers for ‘The Protocorns’ – an upcoming exhibition and performance (2016)
3) ‘Shrine’- a series of 3 digitally printed posters created for display at my Entertainment Center show (2014)
4) ‘Dadarall Canon’-digital print created for Dadarall show


1) Island Gallery, paintings (2012)
2) Wardenclyffe Gallery, paintings (2012)
3) 5×7 at Arthouse, paintings (2012)
4) Yard Sale in the Sky, part of Kristin Lucas piece for Fusebox Festival, low-poly 3D models (2012)
5) Downtown Austin Holiday Stroll Video installations (commissioned by Art Alliance of Austin), several large and small-scale installations at various locations on Congress Blvd.
between Sixth and the Capitol Building (2012)
6) ‘+’: two channel mixed-projection, Trans-Pecos Festival (2013)
7) ‘The Obelisk 1.5’-collaboration with Jerome Morrison: interactive software-based projection, motion sensor, holographic plexiglass display sitting atop wooden stand, canvas, paint-Museum of Human Achievement, group show, New Media Art and Sound Summit, group show (2014)
8) ‘Evolution’ (revised)-with wooden framed stand, canvas, paint, plastic vines-Co-Lab Conspectus (2014)
9) ‘Tiny Boxes’: interactive software application-part of the AMODA’s The Wide Interconsciousness’
10) ‘DEADMANFLWR’ gif at GIF FESTIVAL Los Angeles, CA (2015)
11) ‘My Deep Pocket’ installation–Unreal Engine-based experience, projections, puff balls, yarn, tape, muslin-collaboration with Ryan Padgett-part of ‘Just Some Me Time’ exhibition-Museum of Human Achievement (2015)


1) ‘Entertainment Center’ installation: Co-Lab Gallery,2014

A) ‘Tiny Boxes’: interactive software-based projection, recliner chair, candy
B) ‘Cake Boss’: interactive software-based projection, candy
C) ‘Shrine’: 3 large digital prints, candy
D) ‘Evolution’: looping animated projection on treated glass fish aquarium, seating, 1 min.
E) ‘Sitchomp’: video projection, 1 hour

2) ‘Dadarall’ show: Central Trak Gallery-Dallas, TX, 2016

A) ‘My Deep Pocket’, installation–game engine-based experience, projection on wall, with controller
B) ‘Butter Face’,painting– acrylic on wood
C) ‘Tastemaker’, painting–acrylic on wood
D) ‘Dry Humor’, painting–acrylic on wood
E) ‘Dadaronomy’, single channel video
F) ‘Eat Worms’, silver platter, red light, mirror, gummi worms
G) ‘Dadarall Canon’, poster, digital output
H) ‘Fruitbat Soybean Airflow’, single-channel video, and ABC’s ‘Shoot That Poison Arrow’ live karaoke performance with modified lyrics
I) Performance with Total Unicorn


Co-Lab Projects Bitres Instagram Residency (May, 2016)
Central Trak Residency, UT Dallas (Aug./Sept. 2016)


2010-2012 Y.EAST exhibitions at Cheer-Up Charlie’s
2011-2014 Visual Art programming for the Austin Museum of Digital Art
2014-present Artistic Director for the Austin Museum of Digital Art
2016-‘Loop Mass’-collaborative installation with co-curator and experiential artist, Ryan Padgett, 55 video artists, and 4 musicians


Mostly Complete commercial/broadcast/film work list as of 04-05-2016:

1) MGM-Built To Last Scene Transition Artwork
2) Powertel “Mimes”, “Monks” Title Animation
3) MGM “End of Violence” home video trailer Title Animation
4) Chrysler “Privilege” Title Creation
5) Nestle/NBA “This Could be You” Animation
6) Bongo Jeans In-store video Title Animation
7) Expo Networks station promos,
station i.d.’s, bumpers Animation/Compositing
8) LAUSD “Presente´” Animation/Compositing
9) Showtime “The Wall” Title Creation
10) Prudential “Genarro Family Dinner” Title Animation
11) Bell Atlantic “Barbara’s Tips” Title Creation
12) Robinsons/May “Men’s Wardrobe Sale” Title Creation
13) Bell Atlantic “Circles” Animation
14) JCPenney “Worthington” Animation/Design
15) Arizona Dept. of Health “Basketball” Title Creation
16) Ferrari Wear “Fast Eddie” Title Creation
17) Arizona Dept. of Health” Chuck” campaign Title Creation
18) “Nate/Launch” Animation
19) Comedy Central “Frank Leaves for the Orient” Animation/Compositing/
Digital Ink and Paint
20) Nike “Cross-Training”, “ACG”,”Brand Jordan”,
“Mens’ Tennis”, “Women’s Tennis” Design/Animation/Compositing
“Tiger Woods”
21) Universal Pictures “End of Days” film trailer Animation
22) Earthweb “Menu” Roto/Clean-up
23) Shoe Pavillion “Variety” Roto/Clean-up
24) NAS “Nastradamus” video Roto/Animation
25) Spike Radio EPK Compositing
26) Museum of Natural History Planetarium Open Design/Animation
27) Mitsubishi Auto Show Open Animation
28) Cinema Electric “Let’s Go”,”F-111″,”F-16″, Design/Animation/Compositing
“Thieyskens” shorts
21) Travel Channel “World’s Most Dangerous Places” Animation
22) Fantastic Corp. “NAPTE Demo Loop” Design/Animation/Compositing
24) Odyssey Channel “Donna’s Day Top Ten” promo Design/Animation
25) Odyssey Channel “Tower of the First Born” promo Design/Animation
26) Odyssey Channel “Greenstone” promo Design/Animation
27) Odyssey Channel “FATT Saturday” promo Design/Animation
28) Odyssey Channel “Donna’s Day Top Ten” promo Design/Animation
29) Odyssey Channel “Day of Fools” promo Design/Animation
30) Odyssey Channel “Hamlet” promo Design/Animation
31) Spectacle Entertainment “E-3 3D0″ kiosk Design/Animation
32) Mesa Industries-presentation reel Design/Animation
33) E! Entertainment Network-station i.d. 3d element/creation/animation
34) Carolina Pictures Reel Opener 3d animation, compositing
35) Bone, Thugz, and Harmony “Paper Money” video Roto/Animation
36) MTV “This is How the World Ends” pilot Compositing/Visual Effects
37) Battlefield Earth “Countdown Sequence” Design/Animation
38) Xenon Entertainment “Tha Eastsidaz” Opening Title Design/Animation
39) Xenon Entertainment “The Firing Squad” trailer Design/Animation
40) Xenon Entertainment Logo Design/Animation
41) Red Sky 2000 EPK Design/Animation/Editorial
42) Atom Films “Go Sick!” Opening Titles
43) Romance Channel “Cool Women” bumpers Design/Animation
44) Alliance Atlantis “Slackers” flash trailer Director/Design/Animation
45) Alliance Atlantis “Phreakers” flash trailer Director/Design/Animation
46) Xenon Entertainment “Welcome to Death Row” Open Title Design/Animation
47) Megahertz Pictures “She Said I Love You” Open Title Design/ Animation
48) Megahertz Pictures “She Said I Love You” DVD Motion Menus
49) Artisan Entertainment “House of the Spirits” DVD Motion Menus
50) Johnny Turbo Productions “The Lunartics” Design/Animation/Editorial
51) Brain Trust “Organ Grinders” Director/Animation/Design
52) Oriental Light & Magic “Pokemon 4” Opening Title Design
53) Xenon Entertainment “Q2: The Luau” Opening Titles
54) Priority Records “Disturbed”, “Ras Kas”, “JT Money” Design/Animation
55) Xenon Pictures VSDA Kiosk Loop Editorial/Design/Animation
56) Hallmark Entertainment “The Odyssey” DVD Motion Menus
57) Thermador “Create” Design/Animation/Producer
58) Artisan Home Entertainment “Haunted”, “Scarlett”
“Indiscreet”, “Dead Man’s Walk”, “Hamlet”, “Lynyrd
Skynyrd: The Movie” DVD Motion Menus
59) The Travel Channel “Stuntmen’s World Tour” Opening Titles
60) Xenon Pictures “Two Coyotes” DVD Motion Menus
61) York Entertainment “Keepin’ It Real” Opening Titles
62) Inverness Entertainment “The Chat Room” Opening Titles
63) TLC “Extreme Survival Quiz”,
“Extreme Driving Quiz” Opening Titles
64) Hayland/Margolis Films “Bug” Opening Titles
65) Fox “Good Day Live” Opening Titles
66) Hallmark Channel “Saturday Morning 360” Opening Titles
67) Singapore Airlines Presentation Piece 2001 Designer/Editor
68) BSH “Strength” Design/Finishing
69) Ringling Brothers “No es Un Película” Design/Animation
70) Kreiss “Living Room” Design/Animation
71) El Pollo Loco “Dream” Design/Animation
72) Dixie Chicks “Top of the World” Concert DVD DVD Menu Design
73) How To Pictures “Nobody’s Perfect” Opening Titles
74) Lions Gate Films “Party Animalz” DVD Menu Design
75) MTV Clone High “Election Bugaloo” episode 3D Character Animation
76) Tree Media “eCybermission” Design/Animation
77) FX Network “Father’s Day Full Throttle Marathon” Design/Animation
78) Gold’s Gym “Real Facts”, “No Other Place” Design/Animation
79) VH1/Entertainment Weekly “The Must List” Design/Animation
80) Fox Home Video “In Living Color Season 2” Promo Design/Animation
81) Fox Home Video “Cedric the Entertainer Presents” Promo Design/Animation
82) Fox Home Video “Arrested Development” Promo Design/Animation
83) Fox Sports “Rock Paper Scissors” TV Special Package Design/Animation
84) Toyota “Fuel for Thought:Truck”, “Fuel for Thought:Family”,
“Fuel for Thought:Youth” Design/Animation
85) Toyota “Spring Sale Event” Design/Animation
86) Paramount/Judge Joe Brown “Word Up” Animation
87) Thermador “An American Icon” Designer/Animator/Producer
88) Palm Pictures VOD 2005 Package Design/Animation
89) Navy “” Animation
90) Disney Channel “Best Friends Forever Week” Promo Pckg. Design/Animation
91) Warner Bros. “Smallville” Opening Sequence Animation
92) VH1 “Big in 05” Package Animation
93) Disney Channel “Stuffed with Stars” promo Design/Animation
94) KCAL L.A. Sports Council Awards show package Design/Animation
95) Logitech “100 Remote Giveaway” Designer/Animator/Producer
96) Disney Channel ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ promo Designer/Animator
97) Shlumberger Presentation Animator
98) Altel In-store Animator
99) Sybase ‘Layers’ Animator/Compositor
100) Lifetime Movie Network ‘Karoake Superstars’ Open Designer/Animator
101) Lolla Lives Show Open Designer/Animator
102) State of Tomorrow Show Open Designer/Animator
103) Alabama Credit Union ‘Percent’, ‘Piggyback’ Designer/Animator
104) Red Bull ‘Big Tune’ Show Open Designer/Animator
105) Disney Channel ‘Suite Life’ Promo Designer/Animator
106) NBC ‘World Series of Golf’ Show Open Designer/Animator
107) Lance Armstrong Foundation Manifesto Video Art Director/editor
108) Disney Channel Movie Open 2009, 2010, 2011 Designer/Animator
109) Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana Show Open Designer/Animator
110) Versus Network ‘PBR Championship’ Promo Designer/Animator
111) Gemalto ‘NIM’ Cel-animator
112) Vignette Presentation 07 Designer/Animator
113) Reliant Energy ‘Sign Up’ Designer/Animator
114) Samsung ‘Xl2370 Monitor’ Compositor/Animator
115) AMD Fusion Launch Video Compositor/Animator
116) HUB/Glad PSA Compositor/Animator
117) Intertek Web Promo Compositor/Animator
118) Disney Channel ‘Kickin’ It To China’ promo Designer/Animator
119) Disney Channel ‘Make Your Mark’ show package Animator
120) AMC Mad Men/Banana Republic Promo Designer/Animator
121) Mercury Insurance ‘Social Media’ Designer/Animator
122) Eye in the Sky Collective logo, promo video Designer/Animator
123) HUB Mother’s Day promo Designer/Animator
124) Verizon 4G Jumbotron spot Animator
125) Versus PBR Fantasy promo Designer/Animator
126) Netspend in-store kiosk videos Designer/Animator
127) AARP ‘Medicare’ PSA Animator
128) TruTV ‘Action Night’ spots Designer/Animator
129) Suma Orchard ‘Folic Acid’ Designer/Animator
130) MD Anderson Cancer Center ‘Moonshots Milestones’ Designer/Animator
131) Mac at Work Instructional video Designer/Animator
132) Gracenote Product Fly-Through videos Animator
133) Texas Gear-Up ‘Alex’ and ‘Angelica’ Designer/Animator
134) Shaklee Product Videos Designer/Animator
135) Radio Disney Award Show package elements Animator
136) Budweiser Chelada ‘Salud Mama’ videos Animator
137) Food Network Great American Food Finds show package Designer/Animator
138) Disney Channel ‘High School Musical 10th Anniversary’ Designer/Animator
139) Dell ‘FRE’ presentation video Editor/Animator