I’ve made projections for this show since 2012.

In 2013, I created two vertically-oriented panels for Christeene’s Halloween Ball. I always have a blast exploring the Christeene mystique in this limited way. He is light and dark, cultured romance and reckless Id. This particular year yielded the best result (in terms of my effort). The theme was childhood trauma and clowns. I took it down the dark psycho-sexual direction. The clowns were all sinister, the footage slowed waaay down. I mixed it with footage of burning homes, abandoned hospitals, images of flowers, weapons, crumbling bedrooms. I also scoured tumblr for some old VHS-era found footage with type, in order to create a cut-up style narration for the show.

The space (North Door) is always so heavily decorated and busy that my projections function in a very subliminal way. Here’s some work from 2014’s show. More troubled youth, oppressive baptists, snakes, crime, fragmented memory, mental illness, etc.

HWeen2014_Frame02 HWeen2014_Frame03 HWeen2014_Frame04 HWeen2014_Frame01