For my residency at the Central Trak Gallery in Dallas, I commemorated the early 20th century art movement, Dada, and its 100th birthday, with a lot of shit that, at first blush, didn’t make much sense (but was, at its heart, a protest against conceptual work, and to a greater extent, meaning in general, thereby contradicting itself, not me, but I). Dadarall is a drug that compromises judgement, but produces so many unique compromises that it expands your capacity for meaninglessness.

A list of contents is the most thorough and insightful way to explain this exhibition:



1) A dayglo painting of a mummy with a pad of butter, a picture frame and some cryptic flags on a decent piece of plywood. This dessicated former human became the show’s mascot, because of his/her flat dryness.


2) DADARONOMY: the living word, made of other words spoken by prophets, deities, celebrities and shadows. DADARONOMY is proof, in video from, that spiritual instruction is everybody’s business and nobody’s responsibility.


3)  An illusion: your hand, reflected in a mirror, reaching for candy that you shouldn’t eat, because it’s made of skin. But this can’t be YOUR hand, it’s facing the opposite direction. And it’s made from the skin of vegans, so it’s completely humane.


4) EVOLUTION: my ode to the eternal quest for the ultimate boobnose job.


5) I never finish anythi…


6) Kinda’ looks like Texas.


7) USOSHELLFISH: Portrait of a high-society bottom feeder.



8) ‘Fruitbat Soybean Airflow': Caught in a karaoke crossfire? Change the lyrics.



9) MY DEEP POCKET: THE DEEPRECATION On the the big screen, everybody’s big boned.



10) Lindsey did her Spiderman dance, and Total Unicorn performed. Also, there was another painting hanging from the ceiling.