Fusebox Festival¬† commissioned me to adorn the Hub building (the temporary headquarters/after hours lounge/performance space) with some…uh….ambient projection-mapped panels. I worked closely with Josh Jacobs, who was laying out the space, and developed some pieces that were intended to hover above the crowd in the ‘barn’ area of the building (a fairly tall, open structure with a pitched roof). Their production team cut the panels out of compressed wool and we suspended them from the support beams overhead. Well, the Fire Marshall made us take them down. They were then cut of Lauan wood, and attached to the walls. That passed muster, and we had them up for the very first day of the festival. I also designed and animated special panels for Fusebook Eve, their annual fundraising event.

Noah Wight, built the media server in Touch Designer, and mapped the panels. My vector designs for the panel shapes were fabricated by Fusebox workers.





I built a walk-through of the installation in Unity for pre-viz purposes. Here is one iteration (requires WebGL). Use your mouse/trackpad and arrow keys to navigate.


This IG post below reflects the final configuration.