The Obelisk was the first collaboration between experience designer, Jerome Morrison, and Myself. It premiered at the New Media Art and Sound Summit in Austin in June of 2014. The Obelisk is a loose lesson in language, communication and group dynamics. By communicating with other users stationed at the opposing viewing angles, the viewers can discuss what is seen and decipher the glyph. These lessons will repeat and eventually the meaning of the hieroglyphic message will appear. Close attention and collaboration will further unlock hidden messages in the piece.


It’s built on a Max/Jitter framework using a Leap motion sensor to trigger new lessons. I drafted the first round of code in Max and created all the lessons in After Effects (based upon a symbolic language I created for the project) and then Jerome made enhancements in the patch. The plexiglass display, designed by Jerome, produces an amazing holographic effect. Jerome and I collaborated on the framed housing. Additional detail work was added by Lindsey Taylor.