Lindsey Taylor, directed and choreographed this 3 part dance piece, which incorporates her interpretation of Isao Tomita’s synth exploration of Holst’s ‘The Planets’, as well Don Sebesky’s jazzy take on Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’, as well as Gy├Ârgy Ligeti’s ‘Requiem – Kyrie’.

The piece begins at the dawn of humanity, where neanderthals clumsily navigate love, laughter and language development. Thousand of years later, an isolated colony of alien amazons await the arrival of the king and queen of Jupiter, whose visit portends badly for their tribe.

I created the animated scenery and time traveling montage (the 2nd movement of the piece) to suit her vision.


I built these prop boulders from insulation foam. They were designed to be reversible. For the prehistoric, we used the unadorned rock side.
These same boulders were turned inbetween acts, to reveal the futuristic geode side. I used cat litter, and glitter to create the crystal center of the geode.
Paul Solieau and Stanley Roy Williamson played the ruling family of Jupiter. Their costumes were designed by Aaron Flynn. PJ Raval shot the green screen and I composited them onto this icy dais.
The ritual auditorium of Jupiter.
The wide view of the Jupitronic womens' colony.
This ship was based on Aaron Flynn's scepter design.